Thursday February.28.2019 Monthly Gathering
Location: 8120 S. Penn Ave., Bloomington MN 55431

Each of us, individually and collectively, are called to anchor NEW EARTH FREQUENCIES available in 2019.  It is time to integrate and embody new beliefs, paradigms and ways of knowing that support our awakening and the greater good. We are invited to shine our light, share our love and radiate our service to support optimal timeline choices for humanity during this process of transforming together.

When we participate in this monthly gathering, we expand our capacity to embody this new frequency. We increase the vibration in our field through conversation, teaching and transforming practices which opens our awareness to higher levels of consciousness. Michele Rae will be providing her insights into anchoring this new energy in everyday living and will be inviting guests to contribute their stories as well. Each person who participates is invited to share their experience and tools for anchoring these NEW ENERGIES as we co-create heaven on earth.

This month, our meditation will be led by Annette Rugolo. She is an author, environmental healer, spiritual counselor and meditation teacher.  Her passion is to empower others to access the light within and around them and awaken them to their soul purpose. To learn more about Annette, check out her website HERE.

The song ‘A Million Dreams’ from the Greatest Showman contain these lyrics:
“Every night I lie in bed, the brightest colors fill my head”
“I wanna bring you along to the world I see
To the world we close our eyes to see”

Annette has been consciously connecting with a Universe filled color and light frequencies since 2001 and her passion is in helping others consciously connect with the light available to all of us.

In 2001, the Portal of Sirius came into alignment with our planet and has been instrumental in helping to expand and anchor these frequencies for our planet and for each of us.  This portal remains open until 2025 and is providing a window of opportunity for our souls to evolve faster than any time in recent history. Annette will share more about the Portal of Sirius and the light it has brought to our planet. She will guide you to consciously connecting with your own inner light, the Quantum Field and a Universe filled with light and color.

February 28, 2019
6:30 – 8:30 pm
RSVP Appreciated:

Location: 8120 S. Penn Ave., Bloomington MN 55431
Southtown Office Park Conference Room second floor, elevators are in the main lobby near Wally’s Roast Beef café (closed in the evening). When you exit the elevators the conference room is to the left a few steps.