Thursday May.10.2018 Education
Location: 8120 S Penn Ave Bloomington MN 55431 Conference rooms 145/135

Healing Happens Here
Collaborating partners providing integrative health and wellness services. Offering monthly trainings at Southtown Office Park Conference Rooms 135/145 8120 S. Penn Ave., Bloomington MN 55431.
$20 per class or $15 each when you bring a friend!

Jan – June 2018

Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm

Join us for an evening of cutting edge information and activities to improve your wellbeing. Bring a friend as we explore various health care practices and therapies while sharing a wealth of information on important health topics. Each month we will have a new focus and a presentation from each of our providers. Come ask questions, engage in discussion and leave with practical tips you can begin using to positively impact your innate ability to heal and be whole.

May 10th – Practicing Mindfulness

Amber – Recalibrating Your Quantum Field

Judi – Empowering Intentional Responses

Michele – Transforming with Guided Imagery

Lynn – Minding the Brain-Gut Connection