Thursday December.20.2018 Monthly Gathering
Location: Southtown Office Park Conference Room 135. 8120 S. Penn Ave., Bloomington MN 55431.

Southtown Office Park Conference Room 135.  8120 S. Penn Ave., Bloomington MN 55431.
6:30 – 8:30 pm

You are invited to join our monthly gatherings designed to cultivate intention, support and encouragement for each other on our way to sustaining wholeness and holiness in our lives. When we gather, we increase the vibration in our field through conversation, teaching and transformative practices which opens our awareness to higher levels of consciousness. Michele Rae will facilitate our evenings with teachings on observations of current energetic shifts, paradigms, understandings and structures in our personal, interpersonal and professional lives. Participants are invited to share their wisdom and insight on higher consciousness manifesting in their lives through conversation.

Jill Goux will be joining us this month:

Jill Goux is an Energy Renovator who has been sharing her divinely guided gifts since 1995.  She is a global influencer who helps people understand and manage energy so they can fully step into their light, awaken their gifts and live from the heart. Her diverse energetic toolbox includes intuitive healing, channeling, transformational coaching, dowsing, movement, meditation, and Spiritual teachings.

In 2017, Jill had a profound and life changing experience the jungles of Costa Rica, that opened up new pathways through an energetic attunement, which allows her to channel both Ancient and Galactic beings of light. These multidimensional languages bypass our thinking brain and are understood on a cellular and soul level. They connect directly with our DNA to initiate activations, recoding, balancing, clearing and energetic alignment, so we can release blocks, limiting beliefs and mental barriers.

During this gathering, we will tap into the endless potential held within these light languages (light, sound, vibration and frequency) so we can open ourselves to healing energy, powerful magic and much, much more. You will experience and received a group channeled healing session that will work on your DNA level. This recalibration can assist in helping you open new doors for opportunities and possibilities in your life, as you gain clarity, strength and confidence through this powerful healing energy.

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