Wednesday September.12.2018 Monthly Gathering
Location: 8120 Penn Ave S. Bloomington: Southtown Office Park Conference Rooms 135/145

8120 Penn Ave S. Bloomington: Southtown Office  Park Conference Rooms 135/145
6:30 – 8:30 pm

You are invited to join our monthly gatherings designed to cultivate intention, support and encouragement for each other on our way to sustaining wholeness and holiness in our lives. When we gather, we increase the vibration in our field through conversation, teaching and transformative practices which opens our awareness to higher levels of consciousness. Michele Rae will facilitate our evenings with teachings on observations of current energetic shifts, paradigms, understandings and structures in our personal, interpersonal and professional lives. Participants are invited to share their wisdom and insight on higher consciousness manifesting in their lives through conversation. We will participate in a group mindfulness, energy, meditation, expressive or movement practices during each gathering also.

This month, Carolyn Vinup will be joining us!

For our sound healing practice this evening Carolyn Vinup will be leading us in a meditation titled: Pineal Gland Activation with Sacred Sound and Light. This is a guided meditation and visualization with Sacred Sound and Light to stimulate, activate, and awaken the pineal gland for spiritual expansion and deepening your connection to oneness. The Pineal Gland is often called the Seat of the Soul. It is a small rice-sized, pinecone-shaped endocrine organ and it sits in the middle of the brain at the same level as the eyes, and that is why it is called the third eye in the chakra energy system.  The pineal gland can be activated naturally in several ways, meditation, sun gazing, qigong and other energy modalities, and brainwave entrainment (sacred sound and light). An awakened pineal gland opens the gateway to higher consciousness and expands our inner light and brilliance. We experience more connectedness, oneness, clarity, focus, empathy, intuition, love, divinity and flow in our lives.

About Carolyn Vinup

Carolyn is a clear channel for Divine Love, Healing Light, Grace, Peace and Compassion. Her purpose is to create transformational ceremonies that awaken higher levels of consciousness. She works with Light and invites Sacred Sound to be the vibrational guidance system that transports individuals through gateways to their own brilliance. She is also passionate about cultivating conscious environments, both inner and outer, through her work as a certified Feng Shui, Sacred Sound & Light consultant. Her Sound Healing, Spiritual Blessings and Feng Shui consultations are interactive, powerful, meaningful and transformational. Working with these ancient energy tools can guide us to align with our sacred purpose and divine potential. We become more fully engaged in life and radiate appreciation, beauty, clarity, grace, inner peace, love and joy. You can learn more about Carolyn at and


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