Wednesday March.28.2018 Monthly Gathering
Location: 8100 S Penn Ave, Suite 155, Bloomington MN 55431

8100 Penn Ave S. Suite 155
6:30 – 8:30 pm

You are invited to join our monthly gatherings designed to cultivate intention, support and encouragement for each other on our way to sustaining wholeness and holiness in our lives. When we gather, we increase the vibration in our field through conversation, teaching and transformative practices which opens our awareness to higher levels of consciousness. Michele Rae will facilitate our evenings with teachings on observations of current energetic shifts, paradigms, understandings and structures in our personal, interpersonal and professional lives. Participants are invited to share their wisdom and insight on higher consciousness manifesting in their lives through conversation. We will participate in a group mindfulness, energy, meditation, expressive or movement practices during each gathering also.

As part of the Monthly Connection and Attunement Session in March, our practice will a special sonic treat – a guided meditation around balancing the heart chakra with crystal singing bowls and toning led by Ron Pearson.

Ron is pursuing an ‘encore career’ in combining music and guided mediation.  He spent his professional career as an environmental health scientist, but has also had an avocation as a professional and amateur classically-trained vocalist during that time. He has studied Sound Healing with two Master Level practitioners and recently launched a part-time practice in Chakra Balancing with Crystal Singing Bowls and toning.


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