Are you a holistic coach, practitioner, visionary or leader who could use support as old paradigms are disintegrating and new optimal possibilities are emerging?

If You Answered "Yes", Then You'll Want To Watch These 3 Recorded Webinars

Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming

Humanity is living in a New Era that requires new levels of facilitative leadership and embodied mastery as we are propelled into our next level of serving, loving, and living individually and collectively.

The rate of dramatic change in our society, institutions, weather, culture, norms, social discord and volatility, and ways of living are forcing changes in our psychology, biology, and ways of life.
How do you navigate these shifts and uncertainty for yourself and best support your patients, clients and staff?


These powerful webinars are designed to support your becoming a masterful agent of transformation for others.

These webinars are designed to elucidate the fundamental principles and mindset needed to help others transform their personal paradigms, as well as to help participants put those principles into practice.


Interested in a deeper dive? Join our 6-month master course group coaching series designed to create community, expand perspectives, accelerate development, and ignite creativity as we support you and your service.

Are YOU ready to deepen your capacity and skills supporting human development, transformation, depth coaching and facilitative leadership? This course intends to exponentially develop coaches, leaders and facilitators with a desire to embody the skills and awareness of visionary, futurist, innovator and change agent to improve the lives of the people they serve and society as a whole.

Your clients, patients, staff, and community come to you for guidance and clarity as they explore where they are now and where they want to be for optimal whole person mind-body-spirit wellness, while living and contributing with purpose. As you transform and step more into your authentic power, you expand your impact. This exponentially enhances your capacity to support others as they co-create an empowered coherent life and realize their full potential.

About Michele

Michele Rae
Author, Transformational Coach and
Founder - The Center Within, LLC

Michele Rae is the founder of The Center Within, author of Living from the Center Within: Co-creating who you are becoming and graduate faculty in the Master of Arts in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching program at the University of Minnesota.

She is a nationally board certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC) and spiritual teacher. In her private practice, she provides holistic intuitive coaching and programs designed to accelerate and support personal, professional and organizational transformation.