Michele has been doing group work with the people in my office for a couple of months. Over that time, we’ve become a much more productive and cohesive group. It’s wonderful to watch leaders emerge on an as-needed basis from everywhere in the organization. There is a greater sense that we each “own” our individual … Continue reading “Rebecca”


Throughout all these years we’ve worked together, Michele has always inspired me to do better. In fact, I know that I would not be in the position today without her guidance and teachings. When I read this quote it makes me think of you because you’re a great manager, leader, and person! “Managing is the … Continue reading “Sherri”


Thank you again for the very insightful and productive meeting on communication skills. I love how you put everyone at ease and create a safe atmosphere to discuss hot issues. I do see the skills we are learning being used at times in our meetings. I am going to put some role-playing scenarios together for … Continue reading “Pam”


I have been in a management position for greater than 20 years in the home infusion industry, and have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in a number of leadership meetings and conferences during this span. I have to say that the “Components of Authentic Listening and Speaking” tools that you taught … Continue reading “Paul”


Michele has such incredible gifts of leadership, listening, organization, accountability, open honest communication, and conflict resolution also. (She truly is an expert in that area). She has an uncanny knack for inspiring those around her to want to work hard and produce very positive outcomes. She really helped us to regroup, reprioritize, and re-energize. -Dennis


What I experienced at our Leadership Training session was impressive. Team members who were having difficulty with simple communication were finally communicating. What we have experienced after the training session is even more impressive. We now have leaders who hold one another accountable for how they communicate. Our work environment has transformed from one of … Continue reading “Cindy”


I have been to many team-building and leadership training programs throughout my career. Your approach has been highly effective with almost immediate positive results within our organization. You were able to clearly define true underlying issues quickly and give us the direction and skills that could be implemented in our daily work environment right away. … Continue reading “Mary”


We hired Michele to help define and set long-range goals for our Foundation executive committee. She demonstrated both analytical and communication skills while helping develop a one-year and five-year action plan for the Foundation. She helped the board identify both strengths and weaknesses. Through her guidance and communication skills, the board operates in a climate … Continue reading “Bill”


Michele worked with our Executive Team to update our Strategic Plan. For our planning meetings, it was extremely beneficial to have an outside party present and offer unbiased ideas, thoughts and insight. Michele asks the right questions and has a unique way of challenging us to see situations from different points of views. Her attention … Continue reading “Sarah”

Linda Halcon

Michele and I were colleagues at the Bakken Center for Spirituality and energy healing at the University of Minnesota for many years, and now I am honored to call her friend and fellow journeywoman. I have observed Michele in both uplifting and challenging professional and social situations. She communicates with a high degree of emotional … Continue reading “Linda Halcon”