Michele has been doing group work with the people in my office for a couple of months. Over that time, we’ve become a much more productive and cohesive group. It’s wonderful to watch leaders emerge on an as-needed basis from everywhere in the organization. There is a greater sense that we each “own” our individual part of the business, and yet the sense of unity has never been stronger. We are all pointed in the same direction and are more empowered than ever before to move toward what we want as a company and as individuals.

I have personally gained insight into my personal and professional strengths. Having new clarity on what I’m really good at has helped me to be easier with myself about what I have perceived as my weaknesses. Now I know to partner with the strengths of others rather than struggle alone with tasks or projects that don’t match my strengths or skill set. I went from wondering whether I really was the “right person for the job” I’m doing, to knowing that I have the resources to accomplish anything that is asked of me.

– Rebecca

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