I was recently asked, “Do you have a favorite meditation for accessing our higher selves and other light beings that can help us get clear on what is wanting to come in through each of us for next year?”

What a great question! How do YOU access your inner wisdom, intuition, creativity, imagination and inspiration? There are many dimensions in the vast morphic energetic field of consciousness that are nonphysical. I utilize a process based on a multidimensional mindfulness practice that opens my awareness to subtle information beyond my 5 senses that is SO useful and practical I use it every day.

Mindfulness is having your attention in the present moment without judgment.

When you can have the intention and succeed in directing your attention into the now, you use your awareness to notice what you are experiencing. The cool thing is mindfulness practice opens your awareness more no matter where you are in your current condition. If you are stressed out, bringing your attention into the present moment without judgement will calm you down, physically, biochemically, electromagnetically, and on every level! If you are already calm and centered, it opens you up further and increases your perceptive capacity for more subtle ways of knowing. If you are already in a calm place, noticing intuition and synchronicity regularly, mindfulness practice offers an exploration of information available in multiple dimensions. We gain information and wisdom at higher levels of consciousness beyond even time and space. It is magical! We are participating in the ever-expanding evolution of mindfulness!  If you want more explanation on this process, you can find a step by step guide in my book, Living From the Center Within. It might make a fabulous holiday gift for yourself or someone you know who is also into this amazing mind-body-spirit experience! You can learn more about it here. https://centerwithin.com/book/


Over time, if you practice mindfulness throughout the day, your ordinary condition becomes more still and quiet inside. There is less attention going after that “next shiny thing.” You can choose to observe drama, trauma, and chaos that may be happening all around you rather than get triggered. Other people, situations, or the news may be in a condition of “hair on fire” and you can remain calm inside
It is SO empowering, SO much freedom to not let outside circumstances be in charge of your attention and awareness.

As you practice multidimensional mindfulness, you also learn to notice your inner chaos. Self-sabotaging thoughts, limiting beliefs, your inner critic, judging yourself and others all becomes more noticeable as you observe your inner activity but choose not to let it take over your experience. You develop the amazing freedom and choice that comes when you can respond instead of reacting. You get out of the conditioned habit of allowing the negative inner thoughts to grab your attention.

I practice multidimensional mindfulness on my own often, yet I still find it more beneficial and easier to practice with a group who have the same intention. That is why I continue to teach at the Center for Spirituality and Healing, why I offer a drop-in connection and attunement evening once a month, and why I often do a mindfulness practice with clients. Building community to develop this capacity makes my heart sing! This month I am THRILLED to be hosting TWO amazing gatherings. You can check them out on my website here. https://centerwithin.com/classes-workshops-events/

My holiday wish for you is many moments of peace and joy. Practicing multidimensional mindfulness can be a gift you can give yourself every day!

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