I see 2019 as a year of unprecedented high vibration, opportunities and support. We truly are vessels of light, love and service. How do you see yourself living optimally personally, interpersonally and professionally in 2019?

These changes are impacting us in transforming ways- especially with letting go of old and needless stories/beliefs that are not serving us anymore.  2018 has been a year of facing ourselves truthfully through multiple layers of transparency and exposure. The disruption and destruction has occasionally kicked up our resistance, confusion and fear. We have been called to heal our wounds and reintegrate any fragmented parts of ourselves we have dismissed in the past. We are learning to fully claim our power, wisdom and abundance.

My inner knowing shows 2019 is going to provide openings for expanding our awareness. There are new possibilities, paradigms and portals emerging. We will have increasing access to more dimensions in the vast field of consciousness. There is a new way of BE-ing emerging in the world. This is the year to shine your light, share your love and clarify the expression of your service.

Here is an overview of some of the new information coming to my awareness:

Each of us, individually and collectively, are the bridge, literally, between the Heavens/Cosmos and Earth. We are expanding our capacity to hold this, where Heaven and Earth “meet”. WE hold this with our whole LightBody, with our Energy, our Presence… and all within the field of consciousness. We are a bridge between worlds and dimensions.

We are called to anchor New Earth Frequencies within as more of our previously dormant DNA awakens. We are invited to become the anchor point/gatekeeper/gridkeeper/WayShower for our new era. We are invited to embody these codes fully… to connect up the new earth grid system, becoming an important part of our New earth networking system. We, individually and in our small groups, form a column of crystalline high vibration light that shines far above and into the earth. Streams of new information spirals down transforming us into higher vibration BE-ings. All of us engaged in this work around the planet are connected through these portals of light and love we are creating.  The tops of these columns interconnect in this space above the earth as we share wisdom and energetic information. We form a grid that transmits this frequency back to the planet and all its inhabitants. It is supporting the shift.

Service in the new era is much more co-creative and innovative. We come into feeling and experiencing the pure abundance available, which opens portals/doors for much higher dimensional experiences to become available for all. Uniting in service is very different than the old ways where all came together out of lack, scarcity and fear. For human experiences, this will drive many together, to learn to share, to learn to support, to learn to care, to learn to work in unity for a higher purpose, much bigger than themselves. Power moves from external power over to internal empowerment. We are each called to tap fully into our innate abilities and emanate and express our genius and passion fully. We are agents of change and transformation. Our unique energetic blueprint is getting an upgrade, re-calibrating and realigning. What are you innovating? Where are you participating as we are growing new systems in all aspects of society/humanity?

The veils between levels of consciousness are becoming more porous. These boundaries function like a cell membrane with built in intelligence. They facilitate letting out the “discarded materials that will no longer serve” and allowing in “vital nurturing source encoded energy packets” that will support our expansion and development. We are, from a cellular level up to the collective level, continually evolving as we embody higher vibrations and gain access to higher levels of consciousness. We are becoming more intuitive and creating more synchronicity. We are cultivating more subtle ways of knowing.

One way we increase access to new information is sharing awareness with others. Through mindfulness, we can direct our attention to an aspect of our self that shares an experience with another. We can “communicate” with the living natural beings such as elements, animals, plants, fairies and crystals. They can teach us their wisdom when we meet and share awareness.  We can “communicate” with other beings beyond our planet in the same way. We open our ways of knowing and directly experience the knowledge offered and received. These ways of knowing are one of the tools we can use to awaken to new insights and revelations. This wisdom will inform and support our shifting paradigms and collective movement to expanded awareness and embody higher consciousness. Click HERE to learn more about Multidimensional Mindfulness 

We are receivers of this new frequency. It is a transmission that activates, ignites and opens us more fully. It brings on line previously dormant capacities, genomes, parts of our brain, and strands of DNA. It further activates our Divine Essence which is in resonance with the Divine Essence in All That Is. You are emerging new every day. How do you know what to say YES to and NO to when the old way of being certain and planning has radically shifted? We are invited to become comfortable in the unknown. Our very self is evolving.

We are called to be visible, allow our being to radiate unobstructed. We are asked to step into our mastery. Now is the time to fully claim our own sovereignty, owning our power and authority.  No more playing small, trying, striving, hiding, giving our power away to outside experts, seeking approval. It is time to release old stories and beliefs that are limiting and sabotaging. It is time to release all that will not serve moving forward into this expansive 5th dimensional way of Being.

Clarity and certainty are available moment to moment. We pay attention and adjust. We make every small choice in alignment with the highest good for all, including and especially ourselves. We collaborate with those who are the perfect fit for this next step. We expect and receive miracles. Of course!

We are being invited to be poised in chaos. To be resilient. To be with what is without clinging or avoiding. So much change and uncertainty can be challenging and disorientating. The ego can put up resistance to the transformation that is occurring. There are many transforming and mindfulness tools to assist us as we navigate this process. Click HERE for more tools to support us.

Please be in touch as you explore these new energies. I am so grateful you are in my community. It is important to me to stay connected to those of us bringing in these new energies. We are “Transforming Together: Anchoring Heaven on Earth” and vessels of light, love and service.

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