In my Energize Your Business monthly gatherings we have been talking about our Why.

Why do we make the choices we do? Why do we choose our work? Why do we get up in the morning? In my consulting business, The Center Within, my core answer to Why has been to enhance connection, capacity, community and consciousness. Recently, it has changed to:

Supporting humanity choose timelines that have the most positive outcomes for the greater good.

So, what is a timeline? Here is the image that came to me some years ago in a coaching session. Imagine yourself standing in the center of a beach ball. From that point, there are millions of rays or trajectories leading out in 360° like ropes. Each ray represents a possible yet different timeline with an endpoint or outcome on the outside edge of the beach ball. Every small choice we make is a step down a ray or timeline. When we move, the entire ball rolls and we create a new center point to stand in. Each YES or NO moves us closer or farther away from our desired outcomes.

Are you making your micro choices with the intention to serve the highest good for you and all involved? Are you living on purpose in the present moment? Your life is being created on the timeline you are choosing. Simultaneously, each of our “beach balls” and timelines are interconnected to all that is in the vast field of consciousness. The fate of humanity and all who inhabit the earth is being co-created by each person’s contributions as they move along their chosen timelines. What is YOUR Why and how does it impact your daily decisions?

Let’s say you decide to run a marathon. This is an outcome you see at the end of your chosen timeline. What you eat, how well you sleep, your exercise routine, and your self-care all contribute to moving you along this timeline. Do your daily choices in these areas support the likelihood that you will be successful in running your marathon? Or are you sabotaging your progression down your intended timeline?

Timelines are multidimensional. We do not make one decision at a time. They include choices about our physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies often simultaneously. They contain the impact of how we relate to other people moment to moment. Do we decide to heal or to create drama, trauma and suffering? Do we choose peace or violence? These clusters of choices continuously change the configuration of the timelines available to us.

I think of various groups we are participating in like a molecule made up of our individual selves like atoms. As we make our choices, the properties of the entire system, like a molecule, change also. This is how we create new paradigms, beliefs and values as a group. When one member of a family, organization or community makes a choice for the greater good, it raises the vibration of the whole. We collectively create a new center with new options. I call this continuously shifting center the “Now-Here.” We create a new present moment.

I invite you to take some time this month and find words, images, ideas, colors, or shapes that reflect your why. The investment to clarify or refresh your why can inform every small or big YES or NO and help you choose timelines that have the most positive outcomes for the greater good. When we do this for ourselves, we add this energetic resonance to the entire field of consciousness.  Your choices positively or negatively impact those near and far, humanity and all beings on earth and beyond. Let your WHY guide you to creating a life you love.

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