Settling inward as the leaves are off the trees following a stunning display of autumn colors here in Minnesota.  Inside of me there has been a shift in my experience of Loving this year. Love feels more unconditional and Joy more causeless. I know Love as the Infinite Source, Love as the shining out that flows through All That Is and Love as variety in the manifest world.  I see Love radiating as wholeness and holiness in my clients and students.  What has opened in my awareness of love?

I saw my old stories of shame through a new lens and retold them.  I realized more clearly how I have held love in reserve, offering it only to those who met my approval. I experienced love through acceptance, support, encouragement and celebration from the diverse women in my family.  I walked the streets of Jerusalem and felt the common ground of the Abraham religions. I looked into the eyes and heart of my new granddaughter and felt pure joy radiate from every cell of her body. Love is constantly expressing and continuously present.

So how do we make sense this Love amidst the constantly streaming information and images of violence, annihilation and desecration of human beings? The planet?  David Hawkins taught about vibration of love.  Using applied kinesiology he created an arbitrary logarithmic scale of 0 to 1000, with different states of consciousness — shame (20), apathy (50), fear (100), anger (150), courage (200), reason (400), love (500), peace (600), enlightenment (700-1000) —forming a “map of consciousness”.

Choices and behavior from shame, apathy, fear and anger vibrate in dense consciousness. They are destructive.  If we meet low vibration with resistance or counter force we simply match it and get more of what we focus upon. However, if we embody love and emanate that vibration in our self, in our families and communities and throughout the collective, it literally transforms through attunement the dense frequencies that produce the brutality and devastation in our world.

Another limited way to picture Love that is like a pie.  In this level of consciousness, Love is finite so requires hoarding and careful distribution.  Instead, imagine Love is as a flame.  When a flame of Love is shared with another, it does not in any way diminish the flame; it simply spreads light and love. We are not impotent against darkness or dense vibration, darkness does not require fighting against, agony or rage to get it to pay attention.  In fact, just the presence of light causes darkness to simply not exist.

I invite you to take a step back from the busyness this Thanksgiving season, and feel Love radiating inside and around you.  How do you experience Love in your body-mind-heart? How do you express Love, not only to those who are close to you but to strangers and all beings?  Your energetic vibration of Love emanating is a gift to all!

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