As one who’s been in the presence of many teachers, guides and healers over the past 35 years, Michele Rae stands out to me—as a beacon of light and an ambassador of love.

One sunny afternoon, as Michele and I sat in my kitchen, I felt the depth of her wisdom. It was palpable and calming. Then I attended her Conversations in the Upper Room and experienced how she facilitated it with grace, respect and purity of heart.

As a seasoned women’s self-empowerment coach, author, teacher and co-founder of New World Women, I am rarely dazzled to the degree I was while experiencing Michele’s teachings. She enchanted me—and with her gentle guidance, I felt myself coming up higher—and going deeper—all at the same time.

I wholeheartedly endorse Michele Rae. To work with her in any capacity is a true gift.

– Dawn Morningstar, Co-Founder of New World Women

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