You are invited to join Michele Rae as she leads a book club discussion on her book, 

Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming

Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming

Why this book club now? The teachings in this book are more timely than ever!

The veils to accessing our nonphysical aspects of being human are thinning.

Daily I encounter people asking me about their increasing access to subtle ways of knowing. As an intuitive holistic coach, I have the sacred opportunity to be a guide for people as they open to more levels of consciousness and multidimensional awareness. In 2017, I wrote this book about the new era that is emerging providing unprecedented opportunity for positive change for humanity and the planet. It is time to revisit the material and utilize the map it provides to navigate as we are catapulted into new ways of living, loving and being.

The systems of the old era of power over are disintegrating.

Humanity has learned the lessons it provided and now we are fully engaged in creating systems that support thriving for all who share a home on planet earth. In community, we strengthen, accelerate, and amplify this naturally occurring process. 

Why is this the time for Michele to provide this offering?

I have many memories and experiences of direct connection to beings that exist in various dimensions of time and space.

In my private coaching sessions, wisdom flows in and through me from my connections to my multidimensional self and subtle intuitive ways of knowing. I have been guarded about sharing this process publicly, concerned I may be misunderstood or dismissed. It has been made clear that it is time to get over myself and offer this guidance explicitly. Trusting the process and saying YES created this invitation.

Now is the time. 

Our time together will include:


Dates & Times

Virtual Gathering

Mondays 1-2pm CST

April 3, 10, 17, 24

May 1, 8

This offering will be online via Zoom


One-day in-person gathering:

Saturday April 15th 

10am – 4pm


Southtown Office Building – Second Floor Conference Room

8120 S Penn Ave.

Bloomington, MN 55431

Are you interested in joining in this exploration, upleveling and refining YOUR multidimensional ways of being and knowing? Join us!

About Michele

Michele Rae
Author, Transformational Coach and
Founder - The Center Within, LLC

Michele Rae is the founder of The Center Within, author of Living from the Center Within: Co-creating who you are becoming and graduate faculty in the Master of Arts in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching program at the University of Minnesota.

She is a nationally board certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC) and spiritual teacher. In her private practice, she provides holistic intuitive coaching and programs designed to accelerate and support personal, professional and organizational transformation.

PS: The audio version of this book is being released soon too!