3 Must Know Levels Of Consciousness to Build Your Your Relationships

Bringing Higher Consciousness to Relationships Have you noticed over your lifetime as you become more awake, self-aware, and healthy in mind-body-emotions your relationships change?   As we heal our holes, become more whole and realize our Holiness, relationships with people not interested in growing and developing towards higher consciousness can become superficial, unsatisfying and sometimes even … Continue reading “3 Must Know Levels Of Consciousness to Build Your Your Relationships”

17 Unbelievable Transformative Practices to Help You Re-Harmonize

Re-HarmoniszingTransformative Practices Transformative practices are skills designed to center, quiet, still and open the mind-body-heart and focus attention and awareness in the present moment.  The effect of transformative practices is well documented in supporting a person’s transformation from experiencing unease, disease, illness, high stress, pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and dysfunction to enhancing ease, relaxation, health, … Continue reading “17 Unbelievable Transformative Practices to Help You Re-Harmonize”

2013: The Year of Connecting

Connecting and Building Community in 2013 The opposite of love is separation.  Do you see it all around you?  How can a young man feel so isolated that he shoots and kills his own mother, children, elementary school teachers and himself?  Opening to the deepest part of me, the spirit that runs through me, with … Continue reading “2013: The Year of Connecting”

What You Need to Know about Transforming Into Our New Era

The World Is Changing. It is Time for the New Era Have you noticed the pace accelerating lately?  Everywhere?  When I relax into my inner knowing the image that arises is a spiral, and we are on the end of a long gradual ascent and whipping around the outside edge moving towards a long gradual … Continue reading “What You Need to Know about Transforming Into Our New Era”

Ready for Changes: Hitting the Reset Button

How Do New Energies Affect Your Life? Can you feel the new energies surges inviting us to reset our inner and outer lives? It fascinates me to feel and notice these shifting patterns and to watch with wonder the variety of ways they manifest in the lives of friends, colleagues, and clients.  I find conversation … Continue reading “Ready for Changes: Hitting the Reset Button”

Lessons From Fireflies

What are Your Healing Powers? Last month I enjoyed a weekend in Lanesboro MN staying at a lovely B&B with friends.  Our time was spent balancing, aligning and rejuvenating our Body/Mind/Spirit.  We had long bike rides along a lazy river, stopped for homemade pie, wandered through local art galleries, and had fabulous breakfasts.  We had … Continue reading “Lessons From Fireflies”

Spring Power Surges

Are You Feeling Waves of Shifts Occurring to us? There is a sense of “rewiring” our inner and outer paradigms, belief systems, and patterns. This powerful flow is manifesting in our lives through releasing old outdated modes of being that keep us small or depleted. It is also emerging as potential and new beginnings. Most … Continue reading “Spring Power Surges”

Brené Brown: Listening to Shame

Brene Brown Ted Talk I always want to share something that excites me and something I find useful and applicable in my everyday life. Here is one of my most recent finds, Brene Brown Ted Talk about Maximizing Human Potential. Let me know what you think. Amazing insight into maximizing one’s human potential in everyday living! … Continue reading “Brené Brown: Listening to Shame”

3 Fundamental Things You Always Wanted to Know about Creativity

Creating From Higher Consciousness Creativity abounds from our being when our bodies, emotions, and minds are in balance and harmony.  When our stress response of fight, flight or flee is not active, our brain stem or reptilian brain is not receiving signals we are in danger.  The bodily and survival needs are met. This, in … Continue reading “3 Fundamental Things You Always Wanted to Know about Creativity”

Building A New Paradigm

Are You Building A New Paradigm During Transformational Shift? The transformational shift occurring on the planet is accelerating. Do you see it? Feel it? Know it? I have noticed there are new structures emerging. As old unsustainable paradigms are falling away, new components are taking priority. For instance, have you noticed how transparent the world … Continue reading “Building A New Paradigm”