The September air has new smells as the crisp days of autumn begin to roll into Minnesota where I live. The leaves are turning, school is resuming, and harvesting gardens and fields are in full swing. I am experiencing the circular shift of time and seasons deep in my body.

I can feel in my own life the rise of grief as I acknowledge endings and the surge of excitement with new beginnings. Change is constant, requiring acceptance, surrender, and recalibrating to what is. My resistance ebbs and flows. Super grateful for my years of mindfulness practice, a community of high-vibe peeps, and collaborating on several new offerings starting this month!

We are all continuously realigning to the waves of energy flowing through all aspects of our multidimensional being.

If you are interested in cultivating nourishing relationships, deeper insights, and powerful intentions, check out one or more of our in-person and online offerings:

We continue to expand access to subtle energies and ways of knowing as we open to higher levels of consciousness. Integration and embodiment can be tricky. There is tremendous support available, saying YES to YOU is an empowering choice!

This month I am also preparing for my second total knee replacement in my ‘other’ knee in mid-October. I was knocked off my center completely with the news that my tibia was beginning to fracture as my knee deteriorated. Spent three days in tears. Went through all the stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and (still working on) acceptance.

The season of my body is also shifting, and I am leaning into my training as a Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach for additional healthy lifestyle medicine choices. Energetic support is welcome if you are so inclined!

What is shifting in your inner and outer world? Wishing you ease, flow, and grace as you navigate your ever-evolving self!

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